Private Theaters, Music Anywhere – carefully planned with performance, appearance and craftsmanship in mind.

Our Private Theater designs let you experience what the movie’s director intended. Capable of delivering everything from a whisper to an explosion with the same clarity and intelligibility. Performance Imaging takes your dreams from design, to construction techniques, to the installation of the finest equipment available. We provide custom cabinetry, acoustical treatments, automated draperies, lighting control, theater seating, theater theme art and even the traditional popcorn maker and of course, all the audio and video.

With multi-zone audio, walk into a room, touch a button on a wall-mounted keypad and your choice of music from radio, CD, iPod or server begins to play. The system plays your favorite selections or you can even turn on the nearest TV and peruse your entire collection on screen. It’s like having a personalized music butler in every room. You can even hear different musical selections in different areas of your home simultaneously. Indoors, outdoors, in the shower or the driveway, tell us what you want and it’s done.