We’ll Illuminate your every step, warm and cool on demand, and create the perfect environment for any occasion.

We design systems that provide just the right amount of light for the event or task at hand. Imagine a wall-mounted keypad in your kitchen. Each button is engraved with various lighting scenarios: “Day”, “Night”, “Entertain”, and “Off”. The single touch of “Night” brings the path lights up just to a level where sleep eyes can see without blinding you with light. Lighting control also provides safety in your home. From your computer or your cell phone, you contact your home before you arrive. The exterior lights brighten, the garage door opens and a selection of lights illuminates all the pathways making your arrival secure.

Properly designed climate and shade control systems are required to ensure the comfort and efficiency of any home. Performance Imaging Climate Control Systems work together with our Natural Light Control window treatments to manage sunlight and radiant heat. Silent motorized window shades regulate the amount of sunlight coming through any window, controlling glare and brightness, and keeping harmful solar rays off your carpeting, furniture, valuable artwork and antiques. Our Climate Control Systems monitor the status of each room to maximize your energy efficiency. All of the control is performed automatically, simply and quietly. Staying green has never been easier with our endless energy saving solutions for your entire home.